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Super ripper and west end legend volunteer shop openers Leonel Junior Avila Barajas Martinez Rodriguez and Jibba are stoked on the sunshine. Pini is stoked on his new Indy shirt donated the Las Vegas homies. Come watch Pini rip apart pool coping at the bowl this evening. Yay autumn!!!

Come say hi to the raddest, baddest, shredtastical doggy in the west end. The jibbasaurus and I are holding down the shop this evening. New fall hours are 3 pm to 7 pm tues, wed, thurs!!

Had an all time weekend at the clean water classic competing and snapping photos!!@johnnygrubbzz taking it all in. Thx @libtechsurf @oneball_mfg for a rad time. Thx @ryancarlsonsurf @nwboardninja43 @stantech @jeffhendo for the enjoyable riff raff moments in the gem of grays harbor county!!!!

Huge thanks to The Las Vegas homies for this huge donation to the non profit. All the thanks in the world to the wagon wheel folks!!The west end grommets are going to be stoked on the new stuff for the shop!!!!! #giveback #thanks #skateboarding

@johnnygrubbzz finding time for the tubetron after a long work day. @libtechsurf @xcelwetsuits @oneball_mfg

Mornin’ #coffee spot today :)

Avoiding the madness of the summertime tucked deep away at my little trout hole way out in the woods hanging with the rainier rainbeers. Here’s to taking it easy :) #nwisbest

The homies :) thanks for a rad sesh tonight!! @johnnygrubbzz @3josh6gray0 @jhatch20 #daynehousegothisfsairsback

Going to close the shop early today. Too nice outside!! Stop by next week :) go skate today!!