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Huge thanks to The Las Vegas homies for this huge donation to the non profit. All the thanks in the world to the wagon wheel folks!!The west end grommets are going to be stoked on the new stuff for the shop!!!!! #giveback #thanks #skateboarding

@johnnygrubbzz finding time for the tubetron after a long work day. @libtechsurf @xcelwetsuits @oneball_mfg

Mornin’ #coffee spot today :)

Avoiding the madness of the summertime tucked deep away at my little trout hole way out in the woods hanging with the rainier rainbeers. Here’s to taking it easy :) #nwisbest

The homies :) thanks for a rad sesh tonight!! @johnnygrubbzz @3josh6gray0 @jhatch20 #daynehousegothisfsairsback

Going to close the shop early today. Too nice outside!! Stop by next week :) go skate today!!

The way back home


Today west ender Regina Dan dropped off this amazing hand painted deck. Two months ago she poked her head in the shop and said she loved doing art. I gave her a totally skateable reshred deck for free pretty skeptical that I’d never see the board again. I didn’t cross paths with her until today when she brought her family in to show them the shop and what we are creating. They were stoked. Basically I’m learning soooo much from these kids out here as well as to not ever mess with the demon fox!! #keepuptheradical #createyourownreality #diy #demonfox